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I'm a Student Too!

Our “I am a student too...” campaign, is working to address noise, drug and alcohol issues in Isla Vista. We are trying to reduce the amount of noise, drugs and alcohol use that currently exist in IV.

 One of the main causes is that college students aren’t aware that these issues affect the children, high school students and working class people living in IV as well. We want to be able to say, I’m a student, too!  

Students from elementary up to high school take the  biggest impact. There’s been events like Deltopia that has led to riots and there’s also been multiple shootings in IV. 

From a young age they are exposed to this and to the party culture that exists in IV which influences their learning and education in general. Through surveying the community in IV we found that this project would be a huge benefit in which students and families will not be affected by these issues .

 We have already opened some eyes by presenting in professor Jonathan Gomez’ class and educating his class on the issues of IV. This work has a long way to go, but it’s time that things change in Isla Vista.