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FLA Madrinas & Padrinos

Every summer, FLA host’s its annual youth leadership camp. FLA host over 100 youth from Santa Barbara and Ventura at no charge to youth. However, year round, FLA staff and board fundraise to continue the FLA magic through our camp. For every youth we host at camp, we raise $450.00; the $450 pays for a 6 day, 5 night room & board, training materials and an FLA shirt.

We applaud our alumni and community members who have decided to share it forward with their gifts of $450.00 or more.

Want to become a FLA Madrina or Padrino? Contact Eder Gaona-Macedo at 805-642-6208 or at [email protected]. We also have monthly payment options to help make the pledge. Contact us today!

FLA Madrina & Padrino: <$450

FLA Champion: $250 < x < $449

FLA Dreamer: $51 < x < $249

FLA Advocate: up to $50.00