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Future Leaders in Action!

Posted by [email protected] on February 22, 2016 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (6)

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San Marcos Youth Leadership Conference

Youth at San Marcos High School participated in a two day conference to learn and build on their leadership skills. They learned the basics in public speaking, assertiveness and facilitation. At the end of the conference, youth took a pledge to run for leadership at San Marcos. A big thank you to Saul Serrano, Ana Barba and our dedicated volunteers for making this conference unforgettable for the youth!

Youth Activators!

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Youth in Santa Barbara are working with the IV Teen Center to reduce underage drinking and create a safer living space for working families. The youth have been working on collecting surveys from local residents to learn about the issues and concerns that working families are dealing with.

San Marcos Junior Nate Carlos briefs on his reasons for joining the efforts in IV:

“The project is to help out Isla Vista with the problems they are facing with the college students that interfere with their everyday lifestyles. We are doing this to make sure Isla Vista can be a safe place for everyone. Our goal is to go to the town hall to inform the people of all the trash and parties that are going on. It hurts me to see that people can’t live normally because of the distractions they face from immature college students. That is why I plan to take action with the Future Leaders of America.”

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Youth in Oxnard have been working on increasing educational access for all students in the Oxnard High School district. They are working with the school district to hire more culturally proficient counselors. Students are not just advocating for themselves but for their parents and families. This is an effort that they hope will increase the number of students taking college readiness courses, known as the A-G, but also prepare more Latino/a youth to go to college. They hope that this change will decrease social barriers between staff, youth and parents.

Pacifica High School Senior and FLAMA President Teresa Sanchez briefs on their efforts:

"Recently we have been working on a campaign for the A-G requirements. We want to align these requirements with the graduation requirements in order to increase the percent of Latino youth graduating high school and exceeding their education to a 4-year university. Establishing this new policy throughout our schools will not only increase the statistics, but give a college-readiness environment in every school and have a focus on college instead of having the finish line at graduating high school."


Youth Leadership Conference Applications

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Please check out the home page to download the application. Camp will take place August 1st - 6th at Rancho Alegre in the Santa Barbara Mountains. Limited spots available!

Application deadline: April 15th, 2016!

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How Has FLA Changed Your Life?

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Share your personal experience on how your participation in FLA has changed your perspective and outlook in life?